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2018 to 2022 Busy years of Activity despite COVID !

Although the work in the garden during these years and shops were supplied with produce, which they in turn provided online or in person when restrictions were lifted, I was very busy!

I was invited to co-ordinate the PROJECT BAA BAA celebration of sheep and their significent contribution to our lives through their meat, dairy and wool. The 11 events for Galway 2020 included Teagasc 2018, Primary Schools (12) School Project and Workbook 2019, International Contemporary Tapestry Symposium,

Exhibition and Catalogue, European Sheep Conference: Meat:Dairy:Wool hosted by Countrywide Damien O'Reilly and LfL Bayern recipe book, 3rd Level Textile Exhibition, Irish Designers using Wool and the Dun Emer Guild exhibition.

Despite all the setbacks experienced, not least COVID we, a great team at PROJECT BAA BAA including Helen Healy (Murray Scott), Sarah McDonagh, Angela Janzen, Patricia Casey and associates Emilia Furey and Seamus Sheridan, Frances Crowe and Terry Dunne, Ciaran Flynn, Mark McGann, Chris Weinigar Donegal Yarns, Professor Michael Diskin and Dr. Tim Keady and team at Teagasc, LfL Bayern DE, Emilija Jefrenova Camera and many many more to numerous to mention... produced all the events in physical form and online ... thank you thank you thank you everyone ... phew!

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